Collaboration: Air Berlin

Air Berlin was Germany’s second-largest airline, founded in 1978. It operated flights to various domestic and international destinations, gaining popularity for its competitive pricing and extensive network. Headquartered in Berlin, the airline was known for its distinctive red and white livery. Despite initial success, Air Berlin faced financial difficulties, exacerbated by rising fuel costs and increased competition. In 2017, after years of financial instability and mounting debts, Air Berlin filed for insolvency. The airline ceased operations in October 2017, with its assets and routes largely taken over by Lufthansa and easyJet, marking the end of an era in European aviation.

Air Berlin collaborated with me some years ago when it was a 4-star ranked airline and a member of the Oneworld alliance. Air Berlin flew me on the following: Copenhagen – Berlin – Abu Dhabi – Phuket. It was a good experience on all flights, and I was especially impressed with the in-flight entertainment system. I was in Economy class in all flights, but it was fully comfortable and easy to sleep due to good amount of leg room and comfortable seats.

I thank Air Berlin for being part of my travel project.
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