Terceira: A Fantastic Island in the Azores

Terceira is one of the islands in the Azores, a Portuguese territory in the Atlantic Ocean and perhaps the best deal from mainland Europe at the moment. I paid only 14.99 Euros from Lisbon, and another 14.99 Euros for the flight back, but to Portugal’s second city of Porto. Low-cost airlines make a difference for people travelling on a budget, including myself and it’s part of the reason why I have been able to visit every country in the world. It takes time to find the cheap flights, and I have said a number of times, that if you don’t have the money, you have to pay with your time.

Back to Terceira, In 2013, I visited the Azores for the first time, but only the largest of the islands, Sao Miguel Island, and had a great time. Like on Sao Miguel Island, I had three nights on Azores starting with a night on Azoris Angra Garden Hotel. A good value hotel with friendly staff and comfortable rooms, comparable to a Holiday Inn, Best Western or similar. It was a good place to start my trip to the island as Angra is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and one of the main sights of the island.

I drove to Angra from the airport and were surprised to see an excellent infrastructure with highways. I had a car from Autatlantis, which is one of the best rental car companies I have experienced. Professional and kind service and a very clean car. You can put your trust in this company not only by my recommendation but also for the fact that it’s a partner of the Visit Azores Tourist Board. I explored Angra by foot the following day, before continuing to the port city of Praia da Vitoria where I stayed for two nights at the highly ranked Hotel Praia Marina, which I have written about in a separate article.

I really enjoyed exploring Terceira by car and besides what I have already written, the famous ancient lava tube of Algar do Carvão, and the view points at  Monte Brasil and Miradouro da Serra do Cume stood out as great experiences. Finally, I would say one of the main reasons to visit the Azores is the people. Fantastic hospitality, friendly and warm people. Some of the best I have experienced in Europe if we count the Azores within Europe despite its remote location in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s an exotic destination that should cost a lot to experience, but instead, you can have fabulous experiences on a low budget and I can’t recommend it enough. Terceira is perhaps the single best deal from Europe at the moment!

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