Pain Every Day for 18+ Months, What to Do?

Since the summer of 2019, I have suffered from daily jaw pain and headaches. Since then, trying to become pain-free has been like a full-time job. I feel unable to do lectures and the desire for more great adventurers has disappeared due to the high level of pain.

The story in short
I have been to around 35 different specialists. Dentists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, alternative therapists. No one has made me pain-free and I can unfortunately not say if anyone has improved me just the slightest bit. Five or six different scanning shows nothing wrong. Been using a night guard on my teeth for more than a year.

None. Only guesses. A possible cause of the pain is stress, but I have relaxed a lot for long periods without results. One dentist recommended to cut some of my teeth and wrote the following note translated from Danish “Very pronounced palpation tenderness of masticatory muscles and jaw joints, but not mm.temporalis.” and “There is clear supra contact with wear facet pal. 7+, 7 – art. and balance contact. -8 strong balance contact on mes.fac.cusp. There is no number of guidance, the large distance between 3s, but wear facets in art. far distal.” However, my main dentist strongly advised me against this.

Info about the condition
Pain in the jaws and headache often. Sometimes extremely painful. Often pain level between 3 and 7 out of 10. Least amount of pain when I wake up, when I lay down in bed, and before sleeping. Also often helps to eat something, although it is often painful the first seconds of when I start eating. The pain is worst when I stand up and talk. I can’t open my mouth much. As far as I understand most people can fit three fingers in their mouth easily, but I only fit one. It’s difficult for me to eat a lot of things, like for example a burger as I can’t open my mouth much easily.

What’s next:
1. I would like to have an MRI with contrast or dye done. It highlights your veins when they MRI to try and isolate the area. When they use dye they can pinpoint the area. Does anyone know how to get one done in Estonia?
2. Referral to a pain doctor in Estonia from a family doctor in Estonia.
3. I have tried a lot of different medicine. The only thing that seems to works is Tandrilax and Decadron together, but I only took it for a few days as it can lead to very serious side-effects. I would like to find alternative medicine instead of those two. A doctor that is an expert in medicine based in Estonia would be ideal.
4. More opinions from experienced dentists.

Additional information:
1. I have tried many different supplements. Nothing seems to make any difference. Not even CBD oil.

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