I Have Chronic Lyme Disease

In the summer of 2019, I started to get horrific jaw pain and headaches daily. I have since been to more than 40 specialists, without finding a solution. A series of new symptoms arrived in late 2021, some worse than others. Internal vibrations/tremors in the face and head. Vision issues and swelling of the patella.

I have since contacted a lot of people. Someone mentioned Lyme disease, and I decided to get tested. It was positive. Later I got two borrelia diagnoses in Denmark. I have started treatment, but since only limited treatment is offered in Denmark, I expect to travel abroad for experimental treatment in the near future. I appreciate all prayers. On LivetTilbage.dk I write more about the problem.

Because of my health issues my book project about my travels to every country in the world is on hold. I expect only a limited amount of updates to this website for the rest of the year. In the meantime I can recommend the following three sites for travel:

NomadMania.com – Nomad Mania divides the world into 1301 regions based on territory, population, diversity, economy and tourist appeal. Travellers can keep track of their travels in many ways.

GlobalGaz.com – Ric Gazarian is on a mission to visit every country in the world and he is the host of the Counting Countries podcast with many interesting well-travelled guests.

TheRadioVagabond.com – Palle Bo is also on a mission to visit all the world’s countries. He is documenting his own journey in The Radio Vagabond podcast.

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