Lecture: Every Country in the World

The lecture, Every Country In The World contains the following:

How I visited every country in the world before I turned 28 through a lot of challenges. It included a collaboration with more than 1,000 hotels and 100 airlines to make it possible, as well as sleeping in public places, staying with local people, a lot of cheap buses and many hitchhiking adventures.

Stories from some of the world’s most dangerous countries including Libya, Syria and Yemen.

Stories about some of the most difficult countries to visit. The three above are among the world’s most difficult to visit, but Equatorial Guinea is probably the most difficult country to visit for Europeans. However, I managed to visit the country by being creative in Nigeria.

Some of the best stories from my travels are also part of the online lecture. How I avoided ending up in prison in North Korea, an adventurous story from Iran and a surprise at Robert de Niro’s hotel in New York.

I have visited more than 1,500 destinations and travelled over 3,400 days. In the lecture I talk about some of the best destinations I have visited including South Georgia Island, Tallinn, Socotra and Cape Town.

Visiting all the world’s countries has given me many amazing experiences, but there have also been big downsides. After visiting more than 40 specialists over three years, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. The Danish healthcare system was not able to make a difference so I travelled to America for treatments. I am still trying to find a solution as of December 2022.

Lectures end with the opportunity to ask questions.

Depending on the location, date and the duration of the lecture. You can send a booking request for more information.

Danish or English.

“Thank you so much – my students were thrilled” – Lars G. Sørensen, Faxehus Efterskole.

“Thank you for a great lecture last night at Hobro Rotary Club. It was very inspiring and what an impressive achievement! ” – Tina Woods, Hobro Rotary Club.

You can send a booking request to lecture(at)everycountryintheworld.com or call +45 50 15 70 32.


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