Chronic Illness After Long-Term Infection

Treatment in Kazakhstan.

I, Henrik Jeppesen, was in 2019 hit by severe daily headaches and jaw pain. I visited over 40 specialists over the next three years, but no one in the medical community could determine why I was ill. I did a lot of tests, scannings and often travelled far to see experts. I gradually got worse, and I developed new terrible symptoms. Out of desperation, I created (LifeBack) in 2022 and wrote several Facebook posts. Someone mentioned that she had read my website and asked if anyone had thought of borrelia (Lyme disease). Since then, I have been treated with antibiotics in  Denmark and travelled to America and Kazakhstan for treatments.

Lyme disease treatment in Denmark and America
I got tested and was hospitalised in Odense, where I got several Lyme disease diagnoses, but the symptoms remained extreme after a lot of treatment attempts. The Danish healthcare system would only do a month of antibiotics, which, as expected, didn’t do much against a long-term infection.

I then went to America twice for treatments, which also didn’t improve my condition much if any, despite selecting the best specialist I could find. I then went to Kazakhstan for a month, where I spent three weeks overnight at a specialised clinic, but it also didn’t do much if anything against the symptoms.

More tests
Upon my return to Denmark, I decided to get tested for mould. Great Plains Laboratory now called Mosaic Diagnostics was highly recommended on the internet and I decided to contact them. The Danish healthcare system tested me negative, while Great Plains Laboratory/Mosaic Diagnostics found Ochratoxin A, which is very common and following a consultation, I was more clear that it wasn’t something surprising. The process was simple where I collected a urine sample at home and sent it off to America via Nordic Laboratories. Another therapist Kirsten Hinz thinks I could just have gotten it from food and that “mould is everywhere”.

The Danish healthcare system has made conclusions that the long-term infection has caused issues with the nervous system and the brain. A report concluded a brain injury. There are no further treatment options in the Danish healthcare system and the doctor behind a big report concluded I can’t expect to get much better.

Jaw pain, often extreme
Headaches, often extreme
Brain fog
Vision issues
Facial pain
Back pain
Ringing in the ears. Maybe tinnitus
Strange cold feeling in arms and legs at times
Neck issue
Light sensitive
Noise sensitive
Chemical sensitive

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