Chronic Illness: Now My Own Doctor

Parasite-killing treatment in Kazakhstan.

I, Henrik Jeppesen, was in 2019 hit by severe daily headaches and jaw pain. I visited over 40 specialists over the next three years, but no one in the medical community could determine why I was ill. I did a lot of tests and scanning and often travelled far to see experts. I gradually got worse, and I developed new terrible symptoms. Out of desperation, I created and wrote several Facebook posts. Someone mentioned that she had read my website and asked if anyone had thought of borrelia (Lyme disease).

Lyme disease treatment in Denmark and America
I got tested and was hospitalised in Odense, where I got several Lyme disease diagnoses, but the symptoms remained extreme after a lot of treatment attempts. The Danish healthcare system would only do a month of antibiotics, which, as expected, didn’t do much against a long-term infection. I also started herbal treatment with Lymeherbs, but a lot longer would be required to evaluate the effect fairly. I then went to America twice for treatments, which also didn’t improve my condition despite selecting the best specialist I could find.

A month in Kazakhstan for Parasite-killing treatments
Out of desperation, I decided to travel to Kazakhstan for a month for parasite-killing treatments. I’ve been sick and to hospitals several times due to food poisoning in my travels and was also recommended to focus on parasites, as I was told borrelia could hide in big parasites. It was rough treatments based on a protocol of a Soviet doctor. Huge parasites were killed, but the symptoms and pain level still continued at around the same level. I then went to Aarhus, where Heilpraktiker Kirsten Hinz considers liver issues to be a  big issue, which now has my focus.

Mold toxicity 
In America, mycotoxins in my brain were mentioned, and testing was recommended. Upon my return to Denmark, I sent a urine test to America, and Great Plains Laboratory found mycotoxins with high levels of Ochratoxin A. The process was easy, and it was not a big surprise as I had long expected mold to be an issue. Just as with Lyme disease tests, tests in Denmark are unreliable as I tested negative

Little known condition: Neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis
German dentist Herbert Rixecker found the rare condition of Neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis (NICO) in my mouth. Danish dentist Susanne Rames confirmed NICO, but she thinks my immune system should be improved before surgery. There is very little knowledge about NICO, and I am not feeling comfortable about doing surgery as it could make things worse based on research. Following conversations with several dentists, this remains an option, especially if I don’t improve following liver treatments.

Mentally hard
My symptoms could be a combination of active Lyme disease, mold exposure, liver issues, NICO, and the stress of being sick since June 2019. It is very hard financially, and I have built up a huge debt. It’s also been frustrating not to be taken seriously by doctors, the lack of knowledge doctors have, and the bad treatment options available.

My own doctor now
I am now my own doctor in an attempt to improve my health. It is very complex, difficult and expensive conditions to treat. A healthy lifestyle, herbs, supplements, focusing on detox and mold avoidance are some of the important elements.

Worst symptoms:
Extreme jaw pain
Brain fog
Vision issues
Chest tension
Facial pain
Back pain

Diagnosis and opinions:
Lyme disease (Odense University Hospital, infection disease department)
Lyme Artrit (Odense University Hospital, infection disease department)
Neuroborreliosis (Odense University Hospital, infection disease department)
Brain injury due to infection (Odense University Hospital, neuropsychologist)
Fatigue due to infection (Odense University Hospital, neuropsychologist)
Anterior disc displacement affecting the retrodiscal tissue (Morten Worsøe, dentist)
Cehpalgia arthrohenica (Morten Worsøe, dentist)
Dolores facialis myogenica (Morten Worsøe, dentist)
Osteoarthritis of the jaw joints (Per Stylvig, dentist)
Mycotoxins: Ochratoxin A (Great Plains Laboratory)
Heavy Metals (Kirsten Hinz, heilpraktiker)
Liver problems (Kirsten Hinz, heilpraktiker)
Bell’s Palsy (Armin Schwarzbach)
Mycoplasma (ArminLabs test)
Yersinia (ArminLabs test)
Yellow fever vaccine and covid vaccine issues (Kirsten Hinz, heilpraktiker)
Neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis (Herbert Rixecker and Susanne Rames, dentists)

I would be thankful for any kind of donation to increase the chance of recovery.

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